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    We Do Smart Touch Solution s
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    Eat Smart .. Have Fun
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    All from your table glass.

Welcome to the interactive world of INTERTOUCH.ae

We thank you for your time and your interest in what we do, please take a moment to look at the contents of our website, in this website we try to present our vision, what products and solutions we provide, and why we are capable of achieving our goals.


Believe in Our Vision

Our vision serves as a compas for the steps we take each day to ensure our customers get a solution delivered to their expectation.

Deliver the most new technology in the world and shape it in smart and interactive solutions to satisfy the new Era needs and desires.

Be a creative place to work where people are inspired to give thier best.

Build a trust business network of customers and suppliers, so we can improve our values and the quality of what we do.

Distinguish ourselves as an innovative provider of high quality smart solutions, and to be recognized for our ability to provide these solutions in the most challenging and complex situations.


Plan The Mission

To bring that vision into reality, we do our best to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the most advanced smart and interactive solutions, and make sure these solutions will bring great value to our customers.

To achieve our mission goals we:

Deliver customer focused interactive solutions through creative ideas to those we serve in the markets.

Develop reliable business relationships with our technology providers to ensure our customers have access to up-to-date technology.

Make sure of providing our employees with an environment that encourages creative solutions.


and Live Our Values

Our values serve as a key for the sucess of our actions and describe how we do our job.

Helps us to value differences in ideas and thoughts. Through respect, we help bring out the full potential of each person.

We will keep our word and be truthful in our interactions with customers, suppliers and employees.

We continuously seek ways to develop and improve ourselves, both as a company and as individual employees.

We have a strong desire and ability to venture into new, breakthrough areas of technology and opportunity.

About Us

We listen..., we work hard..., we deliver values..., we support our customers...
We are ... Intertouch Systems

Who we are

We are young but dynamic company, even though our company founded in late 2013 only, but quick look into our products will show that we already cause an impact.
Intertouch Systems is a solution provider establishment, this includes software and hardware developmant, thats why we study the accelerated need in the market, invent an idea, and develop this idea by design a proper solution, as a result we deliver the final product and required services to ensure our solution will add a value to the market.

Mainly we focused on Interactive Touch Technologies, as we believe that interactive application and touch interface are the core concept of all new systems around the world.

Our market
  • 70%
    Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
  • 80%
    MIDDLE EAST & North Africa (MENA)
  • 50%
What we do

Complete Smart Solution for restaurants, coffee shop, hotels...
No matter whether you have a dine-in restaurant or fast food outlet in food court, we offer two solutions to renovate your place into stylish and interactive restaurant.

Interactivity is the key in any education system, because we believe in this, we offer an interactive and smart solution for school and training centers that will take the education system to deferent level.

Touch Glass solution for retail shop, keep your customers interactive with your products show and new offers to drive them into your store.

New concept of meeting room table, touch and interactive, share document, presentation, individual comments and notes, auto translation, shared minuets of meeting, video conference, all from your table flat surface. This is our vision and we are working on it to present it in a full solution up to our customer requirements.

Our strength
We research the market, and create valuble products, we are not simple retailer or box mover.
Our development team have solid engineering background, and constantly following the new released technologies, to make sure that any delivered solution is up to the most released standards.
We keep expanding our network of partners, suppliers, and customers.
Because we believe that holding more hands with other, give us more reliability and Credibility in what we do.
We follow standard process and procedures in our development, applying quality check in every junction of the product life cycle.

Contact Us

Contact details
Zayed the first St, Khalidiah, Abu Dhabi
P.O.Box 129804
+ (971) (02) 412 22 54
+ (971) (02) 412 20 00